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We are the guild that represents the pork producers of Colombia. We promote and accompany the technification process in all links of the pork chain and foment pork consumption in the country. Also, as a fundamental pillar of our work, we negotiate the protocols for the opening of new international markets for Colombian pork and pork by-products.

For this, we promote high quality production and processing in plants qualified to export, taking advantage of our privileged climatic and agroecological conditions as we are located in three highly biodiverse mountain ranges. The biggest producers in the country are partners of Porkcolombia which creates the support for the response capacity and export volume of pork products.

  1. In 2020, swine slaughter in Colombia reached 5,002,665 heads, an increase of 3.7% compared to the previous year. Production grew by 5.0%, reaching 468,880 tons of pork.  Production has increased by an average of 9% every year since 2010.
  2. We guarantee high quality production by implementing processes with high standards in biosecurity, animal welfare and sustainability that promote care for the environment and natural resources.
  3. The infrastructure of abattoirs and deboning plants are designed to comply with national and international standards. They also have quality and safety certifications such as HACCP.
  4. The Porkcolombia Association has a pork certification which promotes its consumption both nationally and internationally. This certification is based on a private standard that includes the national regulations and additional standards with international equivalence.

Asociación Colombiana de Porcicultores Porkcolombia – FNP
Calle 37 No. 16-52 Bogotá, Colombia – Postal Code 111311
Phone number: +57(1) 2486777
E-mail: contacto@porkcolombia.co

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Asociación Colombiana de Porcicultores Porkcolombia – FNP
Calle 37 No. 16-52 Bogotá, Colombia – Código Postal 111311
Teléfono Conmutador: +57(1) 2486777
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Copyright Porkcolombia. All rights reserved.

Copyright Porkcolombia. All rights reserved.